The Timeless Beauty of Silk Flowers this spring

by Philippa Lane                                                           

For more than thirty years, has been hand crafting a wide assortment of exquisite silk flower arrangements, realistic artificial plants and trees that are so lifelike, you can easily forget that they are not real.  Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company has become one of most popular and sought after sources for hand-crafted silk flowers in the world.  Not only do the floral arrangements look and feel real, but they also stay beautiful for many years, with minimal upkeep. is by far the best site that I have found for lifelike floral arrangements and I would like to share with you two of my absolute favorites.
Hydrangea & Lilac Centerpiece: I love the colors purple, light green, and blue. These colors are so prominent in this centerpiece and are very eye catching.  Now that winter is coming to an end, I am preparing for spring and the Hydrangea & Lilac Centerpiece is a perfect addition to my home décor. The centerpiece is 22”H x 22”W and contains very large Hydrangeas and Anemones, balanced by an abundance of green foliage. The floral arrangement has been hand crafted with blue soft hydrangeas, lavender lilacs, amethyst anemones, greenery, and purple verbena breathe. I did trim some of the long green stems, because they were a little too tall for my liking, but the whole arrangement is stunning and looks so lifelike that it is very hard to distinguish them from the real varieties. I placed the Hydrangea & Lilac Centerpiece in my living room area and when the sun comes streaming through my window onto the flowers, it adds even more beauty to the centerpiece that is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The silk floral centerpiece is medium to large in size and comes in a ceramic pale green vase, so it would look good in any part of the home that you really want to make a stunning impression. Price: $179.00

Rose Centerpiece: Yellow roses hold a very special place in my heart, because when my daughter was born, my dad came to the hospital and gave me a dozen yellow roses. That was many years ago and my father has since gone on to Heaven, but I will never forget the dozen yellow roses that he gave me after the birth of my daughter. The Rose Centerpiece looks so real, measuring 13”H x 13 W, and comes with a 6” glass vase that is in the shape of a bubble and contains clear acrylic water that gives the centerpiece a lifelike appearance. The silk flowers are yellow and white rose blooms with springerii and gypsophila and are soft to the touch, which make the flowers even more realistic. The roses actually look like they have been freshly cut and just placed in a beautiful glass vase with crystal clear water. The centerpiece is a small/medium size and brightens up any room in my home. Price: $119.00

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to someone or you want to add the beauty of natural looking silk flowers to your home or office, then I highly recommend  Why give a gift that lasts for only a couple of days, when you can give a gift that can last for many years to come? 

You can see the Hydrangea & Lilac Centerpiece, Rose Centerpiece, as well as a variety of other high quality silk floral arrangements by going to-  

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info. Truly silk flowers are timeless because they remain fresh and cool for long time. They are great alternative of real flowers and give us the opportunity to combine the beauty of nature in our living environment. They don’t wilt and doesn’t require water or any fertilizer to maintain freshness. As long as you will protect them from dust, they will adorn your room forever.

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