Hammacher Schlemmer Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor

Philippa Lane

Do you love to eat creamy, flavorful ice cream, but you do not want all of the calories?

Well, I would like to share with you a great frozen fruit processor that is designed to turn bananas and many other kinds of frozen fruit into a delicious soft serve delectable treat that tastes great, is low fat, and is actually good for you.

If you have been trying to lose weight or have desired to eat healthier, then the Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor is the perfect appliance that can help you do just that and give you the amazing ability to incorporate more fruit into your daily diet.

The Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor has a large chute that you place your frozen bananas, mangos, or berries into and when the machine is turned on, the fruit that is pushed through the chute into the rotating blade using the included plunger, becomes a creamy, smooth texture that is similar to sorbet and soft serve ice cream.  Place a dessert bowl or small cup under the dispensary and enjoy the fresh and delicious creation.

I started with a couple of frozen bananas that had been in my freezer for more than 12 hours, put them into the chute one at a time, and gently pushed the fruit into the rotating blade.  The Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor made the frozen bananas taste like soft serve ice cream.  The consistency was creamy and firm, yet not watery. I then decided to experiment with frozen mangos and strawberries, again experiencing wonderful results.  The whole process only takes about 2 minutes, so you can make a lot of fruit desserts in less than 10 minutes.

A recipe book with a variety of recipes comes with the Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor to help you start making your own tasty fruit desserts. You can even put some chocolate, peanut butter, and cinnamon, or carob into the machine along with frozen bananas to create a delicious, healthy treat for the whole family. The recipe guide also shows you what types of fruit you can put into the machine.

All of the parts are dishwasher safe, expect for the motor and the unit comes with a dessert storage container and four Popsicle molds, so that you can make your own all natural fruit popsicles.  This is great for the summer season or in warmer climates.

The only thing that I do not like about the Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor is that when it is turned on, it is quite noisy. It sounds sort of like a mini lawn mower, so I try to use the machine in the daytime, so that I will not disturb my neighbors.

Turns any frozen fruit into a firm frozen dessert
Helps children and adults to eat more fruit
Easy to clean
Doesn’t take up a lot of room

When machine is running, it is a little loud.

I am trying to incorporate more fruits into my diet and the Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor is helping me to do that.  It is easy to use, quick, and best of all; I know that I am eating more fruit every day to meet my dietary needs in such a delicious way. I highly recommend the Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor to anyone that loves to eat creamy, smooth frozen fruit desserts, without the added fat, calories, and sugar that ice cream has in it. The Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor is the way to go!

You can find the Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor at http://www.hammacher.com/Product/81612 for only 

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