Cool Off With a KuulAire PackA53 Evaporator Cooler

by Philippa Lane

How would you like to stay cool during the warm months with an evaporator cooler that takes only pennies to run?  Well, now you can with the KuulAire Evaporator PackA53 Cooler.    

I was given a KuulAir Evaporator Cooler as a gift and it has truly made a big difference in how my home feels in very warm weather and is the absolute best cooling unit that I have ever had.

The KuulAire Company has been around for over 20 years and they are a leader in the manufacturing of evaporator coolers for both homes and offices that are easy to use and transport from room to room, and are highly efficient in cooling hot or uncomfortably warm areas.  Sometimes expensive central air conditioning systems are not always effective in cooling certain parts of a home, such as attics, bedrooms, kitchens, or sunrooms.  It is those particular areas that the KuulAire Evaporative Coolers are so effective and provide long lasting and refreshing cool air for just pennies a day. 

I have the KuulAire PackA53 Evaporative Cooler and it comes in an exquisite color arrangement of silver and black that makes the unit look sleek and luxurious.  It stands approximately 30 inches high and comes with three speed settings that I can adjust for perfect comfort. The unit comes already assembled, so you only have to pour water into the compartment on the side or top of the unit, push the start button, and cool air is instantly released and distributed throughout the room. I was very surprised when the unit first arrived at my home, because it appeared to be larger than I expected it to be, not in width, but in height, however, it fits perfectly in my home and adds a special touch to every room that I put it in. 

Unlike an air conditioner, the KuulAire Evaporator uses regular tap water to cool the home. It also does not use a pump, because it is uniquely designed, it does not need one.  It is necessary to place the unit near an open window for it works the best and the cool air is felt the most in dryer, less humid climates.  I am located in Southern California and the KuuleAire Evaporator works perfectly in the area I live in, because it is not too dry, neither is it too humid during the warmer months.

The KuuleAire Packa53 model comes with casters on the bottom of the unit, so it can easily be transported and wheeled from room to room to experience cool air. Another neat feature about this unit is that it comes with swing louvers, so that if you want the air to be directed straight ahead, you can have it that way or can also choose to direct the air toward the ceiling, the floor, or have it distributed side to side.

The unit comes with an adjustable water control knob to adjust how much water flows through the system while turned on.  Also, the remote control that comes with the KuulAire Evaporator allows easy access to the unit to adjust the settings to turn it on/off.

Surprisingly, the cooler is not loud when turned on and only has a slight gurgling sound while in use, which I think happens when too much water is placed into the compartments, however while it is running, the sound soon disappears and the unit is quiet again. I suggest to never pour too much water into the reservoir/compartment to avoid any gurgling sounds.

The KuulAire Packa53 Evaporator Cooler plugs into a standard 110v outlet and does not require that much electricity.

I have two wall air conditioners in my home and really wanted something that would cool my home as well as save money on my energy bill and I have finally found the perfect appliance that does just that easily, efficiently, and inexpensively in a natural way and that is the KuulAire Packa53 Evaporator Cooler.

You can find the KuulAire Packa53 Evaporator Cooler at for $219.00. 

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