My Favorite Picks for The Best Fiber-Optic Christmas Trees and Battery Operated Pre-Lit Wreaths

by Philippa Lane        
Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  Many people celebrate this special season by decorating their homes with Christmas Trees and beautiful wreaths placed over a mantle or on a door.
I love real pine trees, but I do not like the pine needles that fall all over the floor, making a mess, and requiring a lot of vacuuming.  For many years, I had real pine trees in my home during the Christmas season and never liked cleaning up pine needles from my carpet, neither the feeling of stepping on them with bare feet.  I was so happy when I recently discovered artificial fiber optic Christmas Trees that are not only beautiful but are also energy efficient and require no picking up of pine needles. carries a variety of pre-lit LED and fiber optic Christmas Trees that compliment a variety of home decors.  I've been given the opportunity to have two fiber optic table-top Christmas Trees- One is 2 ft. tall and the other is 3 ft. tall.  Each tree is equipped with a controlling switch for eight blinking patterns and a toggle switch, which can turn the lights from white to multi-color instantly.  The lights can glow steadily or with the touch of a switch, they can blink on/off in a variety of fun and interesting ways.
Since the lights are LED they are energy efficient.  Compared to other types of lights, LED lights use less energy and help to lower your power bill during the holiday season.  I don't know about you, but I am always looking for ways to save money on my electric bill.
Both trees are very easy to set up, just place the tree in your area of choice, fluff up the branches, and voila! It is ready to be plugged in and shown in all of its glorious beauty.  The 3 ft. fiber optic tree even comes with a sturdy green carrying case that can be used to store your tree when not in use.
The fiber optic trees are also available in taller sizes, such as 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 feet.  Because of the unique style and fiber optic lighting throughout the trees, you don’t need to add many or any ornaments at all.
I would like to mention that in the past I had a small fiber optic tree that I had bought from a well known store in my local area and it was beautiful, but it had a motor and made a sound while it was spinning at the base of the tree to create multi-colored lighting effects. fiber optic trees do not have motors or fans, so you will not have to hear any humming or clicking sounds that distract from the beauty of the trees.  They are also child and pet safe, fire retardant, UL approved, and contain no lead.
These fiber optic trees are beautiful to look upon, produce bright light, are easy to set up, energy efficient, quiet, and easy to store away when not in use.  Oh, and may I mention again, NO more sharp, dry pine needles under the feet! also has high quality beautiful wreaths and my favorite one is a battery operated 30” Cashmere pre-lit Christmas Wreath with clear lights.  It has 30 LED Italian soft white lights throughout the wreath, a timer, and looks real.  It can be hung indoors or outdoors on a wall, over a mantle, or on a door.  This wreath is versatile and looks great in an entry way with warm white lights that create a lovely glow.
If you have been looking for an energy saving Christmas Tree or pre-lit wreath that is easy to set up, realistic, festive, and affordable, then I highly recommend getting a fiber optic tree and pre-lit wreath from Artificial Christmas Tree.  The wreath is $63.23, the 2 ft. fiber optic tree is $39.99, and the 3 ft. fiber optic tree is $89.99 and is available at

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  2. Do they have warranties? Also would you consider an updated review on the same tree? I noticed that some companies trees have issues after the first year of use such as lights not working.