The Camping Chair That Supports Your Back and Does So Much More!!

Strongback Chair Review

by Philippa Lane
I remember when I was a young girl going to the beach or camping and having to sit on a camping chair. Usually the chair would sit very low, cause my back to be in a “hunched over” position, and immediately after sitting upon the camping chair, I would begin to sink, I mean really low, with my bottom nearly touching the ground. Because the camping chair did not have any back support, discomfort in multiple areas of my body was apparent within the first five minutes of use. This experience was so uncomfortable that for many years, I never wanted to go camping or to the beach ever again with that kind of travel/camping chair.  It wasn’t until I was introduced to the Strongback Chair that I finally found the most supportive and comfortable camping/travel chair that I have ever sat on in my life.

What sets the Strongback Chair apart from every other camping chair is its unique build that supports the back and helps to align the spine in a position that is upright and healthy, without causing you to be hunched over.  Strongback does exactly what the name implies and that is what makes the chair so special.

Strongback was designed by an innovative man named Ladd, who himself, felt so uncomfortable in the standard travel/camping chairs available on the market today, that he decided to design a chair that would be everything that he ever wanted a travel/camping chair to be- lightweight with a great design, provide excellent lumbar support, and be comfortable enough to sit on for hours.

I was given Strongback Chairs as a gift and from the first time I sat on the chairs, I was impressed.  The chairs are lightweight and compact, so they can be transported with ease without causing any strain on the back or shoulders and they come with a handy carrying case with sturdy material. I have two Zen models, one in the color blue and the other in pink. I was also able to sit on the Strongback Elite Chair, which is designed for individuals who are 5’7 or taller and it has padded armrests and helps to keep the back and entire body in a perfectly balanced position without any sinking feeling whatsoever.

Both the Zen and Elite Chairs provide fantastic lumbar support and are extremely comfortable to sit on. I am only 5’4 inches tall, so I prefer the Zen model, because my feet do not touch the ground when sitting on the Strongback Elite because of its greater height, but if you are 5’7 or taller and prefer to sit up a little higher, then I recommend the Strongback Elite Chair. It is a little heavier and sturdier than the Zen Chair. The Elite has somewhat of a regal appearance and reminds me of chairs used in movie sets, but with a much better quality, greater support, and a sleek design.

The Zen Chair is 33" in width and 31” high and can handle weight up to 225 pounds.  The Elite Chair is 28.25" in width and 36" high with a seat width of 22"and can handle weight up to 300 pounds.

I know that Strongback Chairs are made for travel, but they are so comfortable and look so stylish that I also like to use them at home. The material is very easy to clean with just mild soap and water. I love the portability of the chairs as well, which allows me to place them in any room and sit on them comfortably for hours.  They can be easily folded up in a vertical position, which look great in a corner, because of their slim build.  When not in use I can also fold them up and put them in their handy carrying bags and take them with me to the beach, mountains, or to the park.

The Strongback Zen Chair has two netted cup holders, one on each armrest to place a variety of beverages into.  This is a great feature that eliminates the need to put your cans, bottles, or cups on the floor, thus no bugs can crawl into your beverage, and the placement of the cup holders are so much better on the Strongback Chairs than on any other camping chairs I have seen.  The Elite Chair, however, only has one cup holder which is located on the right armrest of the chair, but it is nicely sized and accommodates a variety of beverage containers as well. I am so glad that both the Zen and Elite models come equipped with this feature.

If you have been looking for a travel/camping chair that is easy to use, comfortable, stylish, and provides excellent back support for long periods of time, then I highly recommend Strongback Chairs. There is no other travel chair that can compare and it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  I do not recommend any other travel/camping chair. Strongback is the best choice.

Strongback Chairs are very affordable with the Zen priced at only $45.95 and the Elite for $79.95 and can be purchased online at-

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