Comfort Research Big Joe Dorm Chair (Review)


 by Philippa Lane

I have finally found the chair of my dreams. It is simple, lightweight, supportive, and comfortable, with a unique design that matches a variety of décor options. It is the Big Joe Dorm Chair by Comfort Research and it is one of the best and most inexpensive bean bag chairs available today.

I was given a Big Joe Dorm Chair as a gift and even though I do not live in a dorm, but in an apartment, the design and versatility of the chair make it a perfect addition to my home and adds a lot of beauty and charm to any room that it is in.   

Comfort Research is an innovative company that researches designs and durability that can be launched into products that are extremely comfortable and practical for everyday living.

The Big Joe Dorm Chair comes in a variety of colors, such as Slate, Indigo Essence, Pink Ini, Green Flash, Red, Monument Grey, Stretch Limo Black, Zebra, and Patriot Blue.  I have the Big Joe Dorm Chair in the Pink Ini color. It measures 33” x 32” x 2’’ and comes equipped with a drink holder to hold a beverage, a pocket for storage of various items, such as pens, pencils, or a small note pad, and a nifty handle located on the top, which makes lifting, carrying, and transferring of the chair to any room of a house, apartment, or dorm room easy

There are not a lot of inexpensive seating options available these days for college students living in dorms and the high cost of attending a university can make it quite difficult for a student living on a tight budget to afford furniture.  The Big Joe Dorm Chair is the perfect choice for any college student, because it is small enough to fit in any dorm room and is affordable.  The ease of transferability from room to room is amazing. Even though I am not a student, I enjoy the comfort and flexibility that the Big Joe Dorm Chair has to offer and because it is so lightweight, I can place the chair in my office, bedroom, or living room quickly and easily.

I love sitting on the Big Joe Chair for extended periods of time. I am 5’4 in. tall and weigh approximately 118 lbs., but due to the chair’s sturdy construction, it will accommodate someone who is very tall and much heavier than me.

Made from strong, stain resistant fabric, the Big Joe Dorm Chair is waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth and water. It is double stitched with double zippers for added strength, durability, safety, and filled with UltimaX Beans that conform to your individual body. In previous years, I used to sit on bean bag chairs that were so uncomfortable that I could feel almost every bean in the chairs; however, I do not experience that same feeling when sitting on a Big Joe Dorm Chair.  I particular love how the chair easily reverts back into its original position when I stand up with little to no manual adjustments.

If you have been looking for a stylish, comfortable, lightweight, portable, and inexpensive bean bag chair for your dorm room, apartment, motor home, or house, then I highly recommend the Big Joe Dorm Chair by Comfort Research. 

You can find the Big Joe Dorm Chair at many Wal-Mart locations for $39.88.

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  1. It is the Big Joe Dorm Chair by Comfort Research and it is one of the best and most inexpensive bean bag chairs available today. I was given a ...

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