Mr. Coffee Latte Maker (review)


by Philippa Lane

I love to drink lattes, however, I don’t like paying hundreds of dollars a year to enjoy them at my local coffee shop.  Recently, I found the next best thing to coffee house beverages, which is the Mr. Coffee Latte Maker.  With this appliance, you can make delicious coffee and tea lattes in the comfort of your own home for just pennies a serving.

I was given this latte maker as a gift and I use it almost everyday. Mr. Coffee makes many kitchen appliances that help to make beverage preparation easier, quicker, and yield professional results in your own home.

The Mr. Coffee Latte Maker is designed be used at home to make lattes just as delicious as the ones that are made at popular coffee shops, without the extra trip and costly expense. It has a sleek design and comes in a black color with silver accents, which gives the exterior a classy, upscale appearance.  The machine has a completely push-button automated system that brews the coffee, heats your choice of milk, and froths without any manual effort. Also included are a 24 oz. glass pitcher and a recipe book that includes 20 delectable recipes to choose from to make the perfect lattes and even hot chocolate.  The Mr. Coffee Latte Maker is a well made machine and I like the heaviness of the glass pitcher, which is sturdy and long lasting.

It is so easy to make coffee or tea lattes with the machine and this is how I use the Mr. Coffee Latte Maker to make my favorite hot beverages. First, I pour some ground decaffeinated coffee into the provided reusable filter located on the top of the machine, then I pour an ample amount of water into the receptacle that is adjacent to the filter, fill the glass pitcher to the instructed level with nonfat milk or soymilk, place the lid with attached frother onto the pitcher, push the latch down and the on button, and the frother begins to spin in perfect rotation, frothing the milk while the coffee drips down into the pitcher. After the process has been completed, I lift the latch and add any desired ingredients such as stevia, cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla and place the pitcher back onto its designated area and push just the heat and froth button, which mixes all of the ingredients together quickly. My latte is now ready to enjoy!

The froth is the element that makes the lattes so special, but I have found that if I don’t want a lot of froth, I simply put all of the ingredients into the glass pitcher at once, instead of waiting until the coffee and the milk is completely blended. Personally, I prefer to add the extra ingredients after the coffee and milk have been mixed together in order to create more froth. Also, the included recipe book recommends this method to produce a frothier latte.

In addition to making coffee lattes, I have also made green tea lattes and hot cocoa as well.  Sometimes I have made a little too much for just my daughter and I to drink, so in those times it is necessary to wait an hour or two to drink the rest of it. If the beverage gets too cold in the glass pitcher, I just push the heat and froth switch and the machine quickly begins to spin, reheat, and froth the latte.
I now feel like I have my own coffee shop in my own home and whenever I want a freshly brewed, delicious coffee latte, I just use my Mr. Coffee Latte Maker.

The Mr. Coffee Latte Maker is so easy and fun to use and is perfect for staying at home on a cold winter’s night or any day of year. It is convenient, efficient, and saves time, energy, and a lot of money.  I highly recommend it.

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