Have a White Christmas This Year with Treetopia Basics White Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Trees and Wreaths

 by  Philippa Lane

Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas like the ones you used to experience as a child? Perhaps you live in an area where it never snows and you are longing for a white Christmas that you have never had or one you remember from long ago, well now you can experience having a white Christmas in your own home with Treetopia Basics White Artificial Trees and Wreaths and make your holiday dreams become a reality.
I live in a part of the country where it never snows and usually every Christmas I have a green tree.  I am not saying that I don’t like green trees, but I wanted to try something new this year to bring the feeling of a snowy, white Christmas, that I have longed for, to my home.  This year I was given a beautiful, white Treetopia Pre-Lit Christmas Tree with clear lights and a Treetopia 30” White Wreath, which have made my dreams of having a white Christmas in Southern California come true.
Treetopia is a company that carries a wide variety of high-quality Christmas Decorations at great prices.  They offer Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and decorations and the Christmas trees range from traditional, white, colorful, and funky.
I have a 7.5 ft. Treetopia Basics White Pre-Lit Christmas Tree and it is the most beautiful artificial white Christmas tree I have ever seen.  The tree is 40 inches wide and comes with 400 lights that are pre-strung and pre-lit.  The 7.5 ft. tree comes in three parts, a basic section, middle section, and a top section.  It is also available in 4 ft. and 6 ft. sizes as well.  It comes with a lamp lock feature that helps keep your lights in place and is made with flame retardant materials.
My daughter helped me put the tree together when it arrived to my home and it was very easy to assemble. We placed the tree in front of a window, plugged it in and turned the lights on by pushing a button located on the base of the power cord and wow, the tree looked absolutely magnificent, simply beautiful!  My daughter and I were so impressed and in awe of how the tree literally sparkled and the branches glistened with the lights turned on.   Looking at the tree makes me think of how heaven might look like.  
It actually looked great without any ornaments on it, but we decided to put some silver and light gold ornaments on the tree along with some white snowflake ornaments and a gold angel on the top.
When I look at the Treetopia White Basics Tree, I feel as if I am having a real white Christmas with snow.  It is an amazing feeling. 
The 30” Treetopia White Pre-Lit Wreath with clear or multicolored lights is also a sight to behold and can be plugged into any standard electrical wall socket.  I hung my white wreath with multicolored lights on my front door, which has a window that you can see through, so if anyone looks through my window, they can also see my beautiful white Christmas tree at the top of the stairs.
The wreath looks so beautiful to me, that it looks great whether the lights are on or off. The lights are UL approved and can be used indoors or outdoors.  I do not have the Treetopia White Garland, which I felt would be beautiful twirled around my stairs banister and  would have complimented the wreath and tree, but I recommend getting all three for a completed look.
The Treetopia Basics White Christmas Tree and Wreath have really made me feel like I am having a white Christmas this year without needing to travel anywhere to get that feeling.  added an elegant touch to my home that
So, if you are dreaming of a white Christmas, but you don't see any snow falling from the sky, then I highly recommend that you get a Treetopia Basic White Christmas Tree and Wreath to make your dream into a reality.  Dreams can come true.  Merry Christmas!
You can find the 7.5 ft. Treetopia Basics White Tree for $178.00 and Treetopia White Wreath for $68.00.

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