Callet Phone Cover Review

 by Philippa Lane

If you have an IPhone or Blackberry, then you may be interested in a new cover called the Callet.  The Callet was created in 2009 by some young entrepreneurs from New York.  They created the very first fashionable and inexpensive “all-in-one” supplementary component for the Blackberry and iPhone.

The patent pending cover protects your IPhone or Blackberry, while supplying two compartments on the back of the case to store cards, money, notes, pens, small pencils, keys, and a variety of other small items.  I found this feature to be very helpful because there are times when you may not want or need to carry a purse.

With the Callet, you can put your driver’s license in one of the compartments located on the back of the case, jump in the car, and go.  Items, such as cash and cards are safe and secure in the Callet’s commodious slit-pockets and the covers are custom-made to fit onto a variety of phones.   It is easy access whatever you are carrying with you and the Callet does not use a lot of space to hold items, so there is no bulky or heavy feeling to it.

The Callet is also great for college students, because they usually have so much to carry to and from classes and do not need to carry things that are unnecessary or cumbersome.  Really, anyone who does not want to carry a purse or spend time digging in a purse for their phone, keys, drivers license, or money and would like all of these items in one convenient spot, will benefit by owning and using a Callet Phone Case on their Blackberry or Iphone.  It protects the phone and makes it possible to carry items with you on the go, without so many additional carriers.

The Callet comes in three distinctive colors- black, pink, and white. I have one in black, which is a basic color that matches almost any wardrobe with a classy, streamlined appearance.

If you have been looking for a case for your Iphone or Blackberry that is stylish, easy to use, lightweight, and can also safely hold money, cards, keys, and other small items, then you definitely need to take a look at the Callet.

You can find the Callet Phone Cover at for $19.99.

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