DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser Review

by Philippa Lane

I would like to exercise much more than I have in previous years and my favorite kind of exercise is brisk walking and stretching. I used to ride standard bicycles, but when I was given a DeskCycle as a gift, I thought it was going to be great, because I would not need to go outside and ride a bicycle, instead I can get an adequate amount of exercise, burn calories, and stay in shape by using the DeskCycle in the comfort of my own home.

As a writer, I think that the DeskCycle is great for anyone who works at a desk, at home, in an office, when sitting on a couch and watching TV, talking on the phone, or working on a computer. You certainly won’t be a “couch potato” if you use the DeskCycle, because by using it, you will be exercising your leg, thigh, hip muscles, and you will be strengthening them, while toning your calves, legs, thighs, and losing those unwanted pounds.

According to a study performed by the University of Bristol, people who exercise before or during work are happier and are more productive.

I recommend wearing socks or shoes when using the DeskCycle, because it just feels better on the feet and provides a firmer grip on the pedals.

The DeskCycle is also very quiet, so if you live above or below someone in an apartment building, it hardly makes any noise at all and in fact, it is the quietest exercise device I have ever used due to the magnetic resistance mechanism.  It is very sturdy and does not topple over when in use, but is not too heavy to be carried and transported into another room.


·         Pedal arm length: 3 ½ inches
·         8 calibrated resistance settings
·         5 function display panel that shows speed, time, scan, and distance calories
·         More than twice the resistance range of other pedal exercisers

The DeskCycle can fit under any standard desk due to its special design and lower pedal height of only 10 inches, but I do not use it under a desk.  I usually just sit on a chair and place the DeskCycle in front it, turn the tension setting on the machine to level 2 , and start peddling.  After the first 15 minutes, it gets much easier to pedal in the selected tension level and the monitor/display shows how many miles you have gone and how many calories have been burned.

The exterior of the DeskCycle is white with black accents and looks great, is easy to transport from room to room, and helps people of all ages to stay in shape.

I highly recommend the DeskCycle to anyone who sits all day at a desk and wants or needs to exercise, but cannot find the time or space to do it.

With such busy schedules it is not always easy to find the time to exercise daily, but the DeskCycle makes it so simple to get safe and effective exercise while watching TV, reading a book, or working at a desk.

There is nothing that I don’t like about this wonderful exercise machine and I give it 5 stars all the way!

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